Conditions of participation

1. Nature of the practise

Participants agree to follow principle of fair play during push-hands practise at the meeting. It includes respect to the level of the experience, art and abilities of the partner, practising with. Participant agrees to take care not to cause any injury or damage to other participants.

2. Responsibility

Everyone is personally responsible for yourself and for behaviour to the partner. The organizers can’t be held liable for risks or injuries during the meeting. It is the participant’s own responsibility to have suitable insurance.

3. Application, Paying and Cancellation

  1. Registration becomes effective at the time of payment. Discount for early registration will be accepted if we receive money on behalf of at least three working days after the deadline for early registration.
  2. Confirmation request an application form will be sent (by e-mail) only if the registration is done electronically (via
  3. In the case of cancellation up to six weeks before the start of the event an administrative fee of EUR 30 will be charged. After this point in time the event organizer will retain (or demand) the full sum, unless the participant provides a substitute participant.

4. Photography and video

Organisers of meeting and/or other parties will produce a film and photographic documentation of the event. I am aware that film recordings will be made and photographs taken during the event and with their consent to these terms and conditions on the registration form I give my explicit permission that I may be filmed and photographed and that producers may publish and commercially exploit these image recordings. I thus grant the rights to my own image to producers of the recordings at no charge.

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