7th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague

We are preparing the 7th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague for you.
Dates: 14th-16th September 2018

Check out the photos and videos of past years.


All fans of push hands (tui shou) and Tai Chi Chuan, who want to meet in a friendly atmos­phere and exchange their experiences, are cor­dially invited regard­less of their level of practice.

328759_347507702008604_1616651478_oThe Prague „push-hands“ work­shop becomes part of chain of meet­ings which already have a long tra­di­tion in West Europe (Hanover, Cale­do­nia, …). The Prague meet­ing fol­lows the spirit of the afore­men­tioned events. One of the senses of our meet­ing is to open also eastern part of Europe to this kind of exchange of experience.

The three-day meeting will have this schedule:

  • In mornings there will be parallel lessons of two invited teachers who will introduce their way of practice, mostly in connection with Push Hands (see schedule).

  • During afternoons we will have free Push Hands in pairs. Partners will agree with each other on the level of Push Hands practice (with steps, without steps, …). Pairs will change every 10 minutes. More advanced practicians should respect the level of the partner.

It is not necessary to practise the whole time. Tea will be prepared for resting people in the hall. The event is open to all levels of experience.

Always one of the (”morning“) teachers will help to beginners giving them explanation of Push Hands basics.

Offi­cial lan­guage of the meet­ing is English.

13871_510766672349372_849995035_n3rd meeting, 2014

grupe 2016

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